The stage is set for another season of basketball action in the Telecoms industry with the opening of the Telecoms Basketball League (TBL) this coming January, 2017. After two successful seasons that saw Bayan Telecommunications lording over the competition on both occasions, TBL now is poised to become bigger and better. New format, more exciting games  The league takes on a new tournament format by dividing its 2017 Basketball calendar into two exciting conferences. The first conference starts January and the second conference, June. Both will be compressed within the 3 month tournament duration to ensure the level of excitement. Both conference shall be composed of 14 teams divided into 2 brackets  with 7 teams each playing a single round robin elimination.  The top 4 teams from each bracket shall advance to the knock out Quarterfinal round. The winners will then march into the crossover semifinals with both winners advancing to a winner take all Championship game. To ensure the the level up in competition, the league has now relaxed its ruling in fielding multiple 6 footers and will be developing a handicapping system to ensure that all 14 teams will be able to be competitive all season long. 40 is the new 30  Addressing the need for ballers above 40 to still be competitive, the league will launch a 40 and above bracket. Only players 40 yrs old and older are allowed to play in this tournament. A player should be at least 40 yrs old at the date of the official start of the tournament. Players 39 yrs old and younger are strictly not allowed to play in this tournament. However, players who are 40 years old and above are still allowed to participate in TBL regular conferences. Initially, the tournament shall be composed of a minimum of four (4) teams, and minimum of eight (8) players per team. The more teams that can participate, the better. A team may not necessarily be composed of players from the same company; it may be a “ragtag” team from different company/corporation, as long as the company or corporation belongs to the Telecoms Industry. The league will be releasing more advisories moving forward and will be organising tune up games. Stay tuned   By: Benny Benitez, TBL Marketing Head