TBL POWER RANKING: ABS CBN STILL ON TOP  The new month ushers in a the tail end of our tournament with teams readying itself for the strectch run to punch a ticket for the playoffs. Last month showed the the great divide in the standings with half of the bracket still in haunt and the other half scampering for wins. Lets now take a look at leagues Power Rankings and see where all teams measure up; Rank 1: ABS CBN The team of Adel Oabel has proved to be the steadiest so far with only 1 loss in the hands of Airlive. A statement win over a compete Bayan team has everyone saying that ABS CBN is for real Rank 2: Airlive  A complete line up from top to botton anchored on the plays of Kiko Barrameda and  Sherwin Atienza has made Airlive a contender. Tough wins over ABS CBN and an improving Telstra squad has propelled the team to contender status Rank 3: Bayan Bayan has been in stealth mode and been resting some of its main guns in preparation for showndowns with top tier teams ala San Antonio Spurs. Expect the defending champions to be in the middle of the action as the league goes into the playoffs Rank 4: Converge ICT  The surprise team of this season, Converge ICT has been under the radar of last seasons teams. A big hard earned win over ETPI last February 6 has made the league noticed the Dennis Uy owned squad. Rank 5: ETPI  The vastly improved squad has been a model of consistency so far. Wins over teams on the lower half the standing has propelled them to the top half. The road gets bumpy for the squad though as they are set to face ABS, Bayan and Airlive this month. Rank 6:  PLDT Capman  A strong statement win against PLDT Alpha has made everyone ask, who really is the top dog inside the PLDT stable? The addition of Jojo Abejo has definitely made a difference. This could be Capman's bounce back season, watch out. Rank 7: PLDT Global The Jojo Quiamas led squad has managed to find wins even if they are short handed. This squad may have been higher in the rankings has they been complete on some games. Rank 8: Smart MST  The darkhorse of the tournament, they have shown they can play with the big boys with a win over ETPI and a tough loss with ABS CBN. Expect more from this squad Rank 9: PLDT Alpha Underachieving and beset by lack of players during game day, this talented squad can be more. Top to bottom, the squad parades standout players. Definitely ranked higher if they are complete Rank 10: TelstraSlowly showing signs of life, the squad has been showing more cohesion with wins over Asian Vision and Dimension Data. The last game with Airlive showed this squad packs a punch, taking Airlive down the wire. Rank 11: Asian Vision Much is expected from this squad that made the quarterfinals of last season. The current ranking of the Joseph Arguelles led squad might not be for long as they have made significant strides with wins over IP Converge and Dimension Data. Rank 12: Dimension Data Seen as a pre season favorite, Dimension Data has not lived up to its billing. They have not followed up the upset win that they had over Airlive and has not been able to close out on winnable games. Rank 13: BellTel May probably look at this season as a season full of learning for this squad. Sam Dichoso has his hands full in coming up with a more competitive squad for next season Rank 14: IP Converge  Lacking in wins but not lacking in heart, IP Converge is another new squad lost in the the competition. Maybe a few good pieces away from being competitive.